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5_28 Asia-Pacific Broadcast (Dinosaurs, Chinese LiDAR and More)

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This Asia-Pacific GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses project in Australia to digitally document dinosaur tracks via imaging technology; the Indian Seismic and GNSS Network, which passed the "test" of the Nepal earthquake; industry news from AAM Sky Geospatial Solutions and Takor Group; an interview clip from the Riegl LiDAR 2015 User Conference in China; a preview of the HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas; and more.

Earth Observation Industry Alliance Looks Forward to Further Proliferation

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The Earth Observation Industry Alliance (EOIA) was at the International Space Symposium talking to commercial space companies about the future of Earth observation. Earth Imaging Journal spoke with Dennis Jones, chairman and president of EOIA, about the outlook for Earth observation. The goals are to promote favorable policy, a corresponding regulatory environment that's less restricting and more supportive of new companies, and a larger government budget to support observation missions.

5_14 Infrastructure Broadcast (Nepal Update, 3-D Mapping and More)

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This Infrastructure-based GeoSpatial Stream broadcast provides an update from the latest earthquake in Nepal as well as related maps from Caltech and JPL concerning the area's geology and effects; 3-D mapping of an industrial heritage site in Japan; industry news from Trimble, Leica Geosystems and IMAGINiT; Nepal relief work geared toward rebuilding the area; and more.

Ball Aerospace Delivers Science-Driven Sensors

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Ball Aerospace is a unique entity that delivers imaging instruments as well as full satellites, bringing scientists and engineers together to optimize sensor and spacecraft design. Earth Imaging Journal spoke with Tim Holden, director of advanced systems at Ball Aerospace, about sensor development, the commercialization of space and opportunities in remote sensing with increased temporal revisits.

Environmental Applications Hold Promise for Ball Aerospace

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Ball Aerospace has been involved with the commercial and government sides of Earth-observation satellites for some time, including instrument and satellite construction for DigitalGlobe as well as the primary imager for the Landsat 8 satellite. Earth Imaging Journal spoke with Cory Springer, director of weather and environment at Ball Aerospace, about the prospects for environmental monitoring, the need to continue the data record for the Landsat program, the CAVIS instrument on DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite that removes the impact of weather on the image, and the motivating role of the International Space Symposium.

Trimble Expands Hardware and Software Integration, Focus on Solutions

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Trimble announced an expanded portfolio of geospatial solutions for surveyors, engineers and GIS professionals. V1 Media spoke with Alain Samaha, Business Area Director for Trimble's Geospatial Software Solutions and GIS businesses, about these solutions, the ability to automate and add efficiency, and other trends that are impacting data collection.

Airbus Defence and Space Launches WorldDEM DTM

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Airbus Defence and Space released its global elevation model that was captured by the twin TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar satellites in 2014 and now is producing Digital Terrain Models based on this dataset. The 12-meter-resolution pole-to-pole elevation data are a major improvement upon the commonly used 30-meter USGS SRTM data. Earth Imaging Journal spoke with Gertrud Riegler, WorldDEM Product Manager, Airbus Defence and Space, at the International Space Symposium about this new dataset and its many uses.

Airbus Defence and Space Brings Laser Communications to Earth Observation

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Earth Imaging Journal spoke with Jörg Herrmann, head of business development for the EDRS SpaceDataHighway Programme at Airbus Defence and Space, at the recent International Space Symposium. This laser-based data-relay system provides high-speed, near-real-time data transfer for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and airborne (unmanned/manned) platforms (UAS).

Miyamoto Relief’s Kit Miyamoto Assesses Infrastructure After Nepal Earthquake

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Kit Miyamoto, the CEO of Miyamoto International and nonprofit Miyamoto Relief, reports from Khatmandu, Nepal, where he has been assessing the earthquake's damage to local infrastructure.

Improving the Economics of Space through Greater Access

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Surrey Satellite Technology U.S. (SST-US) is an offshoot of the UK-based company that has now begun manufacturing satellites in its Denver-based offices to more efficiently address the U.S. market. Earth Imaging Journal spoke with John Paffett, CEO of Surrey Satellite U.S., about its continued mission to change the economics of space. Their recent development of the FeatherCraft platform, alongside partners NanoRacks and Aerojet Rocketdyne, takes advantage of the ease of deploying satellites from the International Space Station, adding propellant to increase the utility and life expectancy of a 100-kilogram-class satellite platform.