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5_26 Asia Pacific Broadcast (DIWATA-1, Apple Maps and More)

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This Asia Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast covers the recent launch of DIWATA-1, The Philippines' first microsatellite; Australia's move toward more-accurate GNSS navigation at its airports; Apple opening a technical and support center in Hyderabad, India, for its Maps and navigation services; industry news from NTT Data, LizardTech, BJ Open Tide BoGan, Ozius Spatial and U-blox; a video clip from JAXA (in Japanese) about weather monitoring; and more.

3_10 Asia Pacific Broadcast (Solar Eclipse, Groundwater Monitoring and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses the recent solar eclipse across Indonesia and Micronesia; Japanese Universities collaborating to help build The Philippines' first microsatellite; satellite data monitoring groundwater in Pakistan; Tropical Cyclone Winston observed over Fiji; industry news from Baidu, IndoorAtlas, Yahoo! Japan, Supergeo, and German and Japanese space agencies; a video showing the excitement of a full solar eclipse; and more.

1_21 Asia Pacific Broadcast (GPS Alternatives, Nepal Landslides and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses new alternatives to GPS, including the latest satellite launch for India's budding navigation system; an Australian tool for modeling wind dispersal; Indonesia mapping damaged peatlands; industry news from geoshepherds, Ordnance Survey and Esri Indonesia; a study indicating that landslides were less prevalent than expected after the 2015 Nepal earthquake; and more.

10_8 Asia Pacific Broadcast (New Satellites and Rockets, Mumbai Mapping and More)

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This Asia Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast covers several new satellites and rockets launched from Asia, including China's Pujian-1 and 20th Beidou satellites, a new Chinese Long March-6 rocket, imagery from China's TripleSat Constellation, and the Indian Space Research Organization launching another PSLV rocket carrying ASTRONAUT and six foreign satellites; Mumbai students mapping the Mithi River; Japanese scientists using laser scanning to study ancient tombs; industry news from Esri, Miyamoto International, Intergraph, Skeye BV and Fugro Maps; clips from a video about Ushahidi mapping in Semarang, Indonesia; and more.

8_27 Asia-Pacific Broadcast (Rising Seas, Pollution, Drones and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses rising sea levels in coastal cities; decreased air pollution in the Middle East; Australian researchers using drones to track wildlife; images of Typhoon Goni over Japan; industry news from Esri, Abu Dhabi, Korea Aerospace Research and Maptek; thoughts on urban population explosions in China and personal travel experiences; and more.

7_16 Asia Pacific Broadcast (New Satellites, Drones Catching Tax Cheats and More)

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This Asia Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses new Asian geospatial satellites from India, China and Japan; V1 Media's upcoming Webcast on Earthquake safety; laser scanning to map and preserve Japanese castles and Malaysian caves; drones used in Indonesia to catch tax cheats; industry news from MDA and Google; thoughts on digital preservation; and more.

5_28 Asia-Pacific Broadcast (Dinosaurs, Chinese LiDAR and More)

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This Asia-Pacific GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses project in Australia to digitally document dinosaur tracks via imaging technology; the Indian Seismic and GNSS Network, which passed the "test" of the Nepal earthquake; industry news from AAM Sky Geospatial Solutions and Takor Group; an interview clip from the Riegl LiDAR 2015 User Conference in China; a preview of the HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas; and more.

4_30 Earthquake Broadcast (Nepal Mapping, Drone Video and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast focuses entirely on the Nepal earthquake of April 25, 2015, that killed more than 5,000 people. News and video cover the scope of the destruction; how governments and relief organizations are helping through mapping; industry aid from Esri, DigitalGlobe and Airbus Defence & Space; an article on how Nepal was mapped in 48 hours; a video of the Mt. Everest avalanche; and more.

3_19 Asia Pacific Broadcast (Malaysia Airlines Search, India Water Tool and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses Geoscience Australia's seafloor mapping efforts in the continued search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; India mapping schools and water; surveyors measuring the height of New Zealand's tallest peak, Mount Cook; industry news from Esri India, Locate15, ISRO and Google; powerful maps created by children in India of the slums they live in and how they'd like to see them rebuilt; and more.

12_18 Asia-Pacific Broadcast (Cultural Heritage, APAC LBS Market and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-focused GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses a Cultural Preservation survey project in LaoSiCheng, China; a market-research report on the APAC region's LBS market; a V1 Media interview with a Bentley Systems Year in Infrastructure award winner from China; industry headlines from Paragon Software Systems, SkyTraq Technology Inc., Supergeo Technologies and Hamon Thermal Co.; and more.