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“Mapping the Universe” with Daniel Eisenstein

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Galaxies are not scattered randomly throughout the universe. Instead, they group into stringy filaments that span hundreds of millions of light-years. How did such structure evolve from the bland primordial soup that followed the Big Bang? New clues are coming from an ambitious mapping project, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which has measured the distance to galaxies halfway across the observable universe. Daniel Eisenstein is director of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III) and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Smart Mapping from Esri

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Smart Mapping is an exciting new capability in ArcGIS Online that will change how you make maps.

3_26 Infrastructure Broadcast (Urban Sprawl, Climate Change and More)

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This Infrastructure-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses a new report on the varied negative impacts of urban sprawl; an article in Informed Infrastructure about the effects of climate change on aging infrastructure; a summary of recent infrastructure spending; industry news from Esri, Topcon Positioning Group, Digi-Star, Space Foundation, Taylor Devices and Trimble; efforts from URISA's GISCorp in disaster-stricken Vanuatu; and more.

Living History: The John Feathers Map Collection

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LAPL Map Librarian Glen Creason tells the tale of an amazing hidden map collection that doubled the library's archive in a single day.

Ordnance Survey: Finding a Way

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Ordnance Survey is very proud to be introducing a refreshed visual identity. Take a look at how much we've changed in our 224 years.

What is Civil BIM?

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Dewberry Civil Engineers Cody Pennetti and Meagan Judge, along with Senior Applications Specialist Cyndy Davenport, explain how site/civil engineers are using civil BIM to showcase complex information in a familiar way.

Drones for Aerial Survey and 3D Modelling Updated

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This video replaces an earlier upload demonstrating the extraction of 3D detail for buildings and/ or terrain from high resolution drone aerial photographs using photogrammetry and geo-referencing. This version includes high definition footage from a simulated autonomous circular aerial survey of an industrial asset, incorporating VidiAir's precision ground survey control points (significantly more accurate than Google Earth), EMF/ RF protection and laser range-finding with telemetry - an important consideration when flying in close proximity to structures/ obstacles, particularly in gusting winds.

3_19 Asia Pacific Broadcast (Malaysia Airlines Search, India Water Tool and More)

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This Asia-Pacific-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses Geoscience Australia's seafloor mapping efforts in the continued search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; India mapping schools and water; surveyors measuring the height of New Zealand's tallest peak, Mount Cook; industry news from Esri India, Locate15, ISRO and Google; powerful maps created by children in India of the slums they live in and how they'd like to see them rebuilt; and more.

InsiteVR Takes Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming, into Design

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InsiteVR helps viewers better understand a variety of designs by experiencing them from a realistic perspective. On behalf of V1 Media, Informed Infrastructure and GeoSpatial Stream, Todd Danielson interviewed Angel Say and Russell Varriale, co-founders of InsiteVR, at the Geodesign Summit 2015 in Redlands, Calif.

Noel Cressie Talks Spatial Statistics at the Geodesign Summit

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Noel Cressie is a Distinguished Professor, National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA), University of Wollongong, Australia. He delivered the keynote speech at the Geodesign Summit 2015 in Redlands, Calif., discussing spatial statistics and their role in modern analysis and design. On behalf of V1 Media, Informed Infrastructure and GeoSpatial Stream, Todd Danielson interviewed Cressie at the Summit.