Clouds are one of the biggest mysteries in the climate system. They play a key role in the regulating the temperature of our atmosphere. But we don’t know how their behaviour will change over time as Earth’s atmosphere gets warmer. This is where EarthCARE comes in.

Launching on May 28, 2024, ESA’s Earth Cloud, Aerosol and Radiation Explorer will help quantify the role that clouds and aerosols play in heating and cooling Earth’s atmosphere. With its suite of four cutting-edge instruments, EarthCARE is a groundbreaking advancement in satellite technology.

It promises to deliver unprecedented data – unravelling the complexities of both clouds and aerosols. With this, we can refine our atmospheric models and climate forecasts, giving us the tools to tackle the challenges of a changing climate with greater accuracy and precision. Watch EarthCARE launch live on ESA WebTV or ESA YouTube.

Credits: ESA – European Space Agency