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Monitoring Methane From Space

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Methane is the second-most-important greenhouse gas contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. Curbing methane emissions could deliver immediate and long-lasting benefits for the climate, seeing as the ga...

How NASA Sees the Air We Breathe

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NASA and NOAA, among other agencies, worked together this summer through the STAQS and AEROMMA missions to calibrate and validate NASA’s new TEMPO satellite. The satellite and missions combined aim to not only better ...

Antarctic Ice Shelf Demise

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New research, based largely on information from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 and ESA’s CryoSat satellite missions, has revealed alarming findings about the state of Antarctica's ice shelves: 40% of these floating shelves...

Ozone Hole as Monitored by the German Aerospace Center

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This animation uses Sentinel-5P total ozone measurements and shows the evolution of the ozone hole over the South Pole from Sept. 1-29, 2023. The Tropomi total ozone measurements are processed within the Sentinel-5...