In a significant leap forward for meteorology, the preliminary data obtained by Meteosat Third Generation’s two instruments, the Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) and the Lightning Imager (LI), were successfully combined today for the first time, highlighting their complementary capabilities. This first set of animations gives us a preview of the system’s future impact.

This animation shows the combined observations from the Meteosat Third Generation’s instruments starting at 12:00 UTC on 03 June 2023 and ending at 12:00 UTC of 04 June 2023. Lightning activity is more intense over central Africa, the northern part of South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Cloud and lightning movements are synchronised, following the global circulation patterns (east to west along the Equator, and west to east at higher latitudes). The bright sunglint area, where the Sun’s light is reflected by the ocean and small water bodies towards the satellite, traverses from east to west throughout the day. This is preliminary commissioning data, not for operational use. For more information:…

Credits: ESA/Eumetsat