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Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change

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Based on modeling current and future soil erosion with high-resolution scientific data, the app allows users to locate sites that are vulnerable to erosion, predicts soil loss driven by climate change, and enables users to investigate erosion risks for future land covers.

Culvert Inventory for Climate Resilience

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Designed to meet the challenge of limited information on culverts throughout the transportation network, the app provides a user-friendly culvert inventory template, online video instructions, and support for citizen scientists to help transportation management agencies expand their knowledge of the culverts in their network.

Minnesota Solar Suitability Analysis

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This app enables users to identify the suitability of a location for solar panel installations by locating their home or current location and querying solar analysis data.

Local Food Alternatives in Washington County

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The app provides information on the availability of local and seasonal produce from nearby farms, markets, and vendors to empower Washington County consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and support their local community.


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Encouraging water conservation, the app allows users to identify and directly report water waste, view instances of water waste around them, receive alerts to conserve when essential, educate themselves on water conservation, and engage the water community through social media.

Esri App Challenge Winners Create Actionable Tools to Strengthen Resilience Efforts

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Esri App Challenge Winners Create Actionable Tools to Strengthen Resilience Efforts   Hundreds of Apps Submitted in Response to White House Climate Data Initiative   Redlands, California—July 15, 2014—Esri...

Coastal Resilience 2.0

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Providing tools to reduce ecological and socioeconomic risks of coastal hazards, the app enables users to assess such risks, including those to current and future storms, as well as sea level rise scenarios; identify solutions to reduce risks across socio-ecological systems; take action to help communities develop nature-based solutions; and measure effectiveness to ensure efforts are successful.

Flood Forecast

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When users register their address, they receive push alerts notifying them when that address is in danger of flooding. This app analyzes National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flood advisories, identifies specific properties affected by floods, consumes forecast information to provide accurate weather reports based on the user's location, and sends flood alerts via Twilio and the location of the nearest Disaster Assistance Center.

Save the Rain

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Users are able to make smarter choices and save water when it is available. The next time it rains, users can capture rainwater that lands on their homes and use it again to water plants, trees, and lawns; wash cars; and even flush toilets.

Global Forest Watch Commodities—Geospatial Tools to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Change

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This app provides three tools for businesses interested in good forest management: Suitability Mapper, which enables businesses to identify degraded areas best suited for commodity development as an alternative to clearing new forest areas; Forest Analyzer, which provides information on land cover and land use to monitor and evaluate change to forests on commodity concessions; and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Support tool, which users can complete for an analysis of forest change on certified areas and use the analysis for the compensation procedure required by RSPO while also enabling commodity buyers to make informed sourcing decisions.

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