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7_10 Remote-Sensing Broadcast (NASA, UN and More)

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This remote-sensing themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses NASA's recently launched Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite as well as its upcoming ISS-RapidScat instrument; The Satellite Project created at New York University; UN Peacekeeping missions using unarmed UAVs; industry news from Fugro, exactEarth, SimActive and EOMAP; the upcoming Esri User Conference; the Climate Resilience App Challenge; and more.

4_30 Earthquake Broadcast (Nepal Mapping, Drone Video and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast focuses entirely on the Nepal earthquake of April 25, 2015, that killed more than 5,000 people. News and video cover the scope of the destruction; how governments and relief organizations are helping through mapping; industry aid from Esri, DigitalGlobe and Airbus Defence & Space; an article on how Nepal was mapped in 48 hours; a video of the Mt. Everest avalanche; and more.

10_15 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Hurricanes, Wildfire Mapping and More)

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This Earth Imaging-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses satellite imagery used to track and understand hurricanes, including the Atlantic's Joaquin and the Pacific's triplet hurricanes of Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena; remote sensing used to map and characterize capuchin monkey habitat; a Re/Code video news story about smallsats helping with wildfires; industry news from MDA, Blue Water Satellite, NASA and Esri; clips from a V1 Media video interview of Patrick Meier, founder of the Humanitarian UAV Network; and more.

9_4 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Galileo Malfunction, Drones and More)

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This Earth imaging GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses the ESA's potentially lost Galileo navigation satellites; several instances of drones (or UAVs) making news worldwide, including from Google and Amazon; industry news from DigitalGlobe, BlackBridge and MDA, SimActive, and KEYW Corp.; URISA's GIS-Pro conference in New Orleans; subscription information; and more.

5_22 Remote-Sensing Broadcast (Space Symposium, WorldView-3 and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast covers a variety of remote-sensing topics, such as the recent Space Symposium in Colorado; a preview of DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 satellite; a special report on micro-satellites; industry news from Airbus Defence and Space, BAE Systems, Teledyne, and NASA; and more.

3_5 Earth Imaging Broadcast (DigitalGlobe, LiDAR and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses the public release of 30-centimeter-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe and the company's partnership with the United Nations; the National Ecological Observation Network's new LiDAR data; an award for the Orion Space mission; industry news from exactEarth, Esri, Google, and the U.S. EPA and NOAA; a recap of the recent International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver; and more.

2_25 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Sentinel Launch, Smallsats and More)

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This Earth Imaging-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses the recently launched Sentinel-3A Earth-monitoring satellite; a smallsat/cubesat video created by the European Space Agency; NASA UAS/drone news; industry news from Esri, SimActive, Teledyne Optech and Riegl; a funny mapping video from the University of Kentucky's New Maps Plus online education program; and more.

10_9 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Land-Cover Change, Seafloor Maps and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses Earth Imaging news, including new USGS land-cover change models; new maps of the world's seafloor; NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement satellite; industry news from Rapidlasso, Sewall and Optech; an imaging drone from Intel's wearable technology contest; and more.

11_20 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Carbon Dioxide Modeling, GIS Day and More)

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This GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses Earth Imaging news and videos, including a supercomputer animation on carbon dioxide; the USGS William T. Pecora Award; the recent Antares rocket explosion; thoughts on Big Data from the European Space Agency; industry news from VineView SAI, SkySquirrel Technologies and DigitalGlobe; GIS Day; and more.

2_5 Earth Imaging Broadcast (Rosetta Mission, QuickBird Retires and More)

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This Earth Imaging-themed GeoSpatial Stream broadcast discusses the Rosetta Space Mission that landed on a comet; a new instrument on the International Space Station; a new UAS endurance record; DigitalGlobe's retiring of its QuickBird satellite after 13 years; industry news from Scene Sharp Technologies, Sokkia, NGA, BAE Systems and Google Earth Pro; new videos posted to GeoSpatial Stream; and more.