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Today’s Top Story is El Niño and coastal erosion. As you likely know, the current El Niño system is one of the largest on record, and it has been wreaking havoc in many ways. One expected effect is on coastal erosion, so The Nature Conservancy and DroneDeploy partnered to create a crowdsourced coastal-monitoring effort.

That was today’s Top Story. I’ll be back with more news after this Trimble interview clip.

Some new and important satellites were recently placed above Earth. In mid-January, the Jason-3 satellite was placed into orbit by an international team looking to measure global sea-level changes and gather additional ocean-related measurements.

And in late January, the first laser node of the European Data Relay System was launched. Here’s a video about this upcoming SpaceDataHighway.

In Industry Headlines, Aerial MOB partnered with Quantum Spatial to provide geospatial data solutions more effectively and efficiently via UAS technology.

URISA named Kari Chael its Young Professional of the Year in recognition of her outstanding contributions as part of URISA’s Vanguard Cabinet.

TerraGo partnered with Eos Positioning Systems to combine the TerraGo Edge mobile GPS data-collection platform with Eos Arrow sub-meter- and centimeter-accuracy receivers.

And Delair-Tech is using SimActive’s Correlator3D software in conjunction with its UAS platforms.

For today’s Final Thought, here’s a clip from the best Spanish-language video we’ve ever published. It’s from Peru, introducing a garbage-monitoring program that stars the local vultures.

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