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Quantifying Climate Benefits from UNESCO World Heritage Forests

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Forests contribute to the global climate system by both emitting and absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. However, our understanding of the transfer of CO2 between forests and the atmosphere at specifi...

European Push to the Moon

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The European Space Agency is playing a vital role in humankind’s return to the Moon. In a few months @NASA will launch Artemis I from the Kennedy Space Center. The uncrewed mission will carry NASA’s Orion spacecraft ...

9 Things About Landsat 9

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In anticipation of the launch of Landsat 9 on Sept. 27, 2021, NASA counts down 9 things about the Landsat mission, the science, the technology and the people who continue its legacy.

The Rise of Elevation Data – What Is a DEM and Which Solution Is Best for You?

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The world exists in three dimensions and often, so does satellite imagery. But with so many types of Digital Elevation Models, each created via different collection and processing methods and sold in a variety of for...

A Trip Through Time With Landsat 9

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For half a century, the Landsat mission has shown us Earth from space. Now, come along with us on a "roadtrip" through the decades to see how the technology on this NASA and U.S. Geological Survey partnership has evo...

Planet Aqua: Solutions from Space for Clean Water

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Water is life, on Earth and in space. Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers recounts his experience living in space for 204 days, and his time looking back on the blue face of ‘Planet Aqua’, comparing notes with divers a...

Space Olympics

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The International Space Station Expedition 65 crew recorded themselves on a day off after a long week of work having some weightless fun. From Earth orbit, 400 km above our planet, the crew present the very first Spa...

Counting Carbon

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As well as tracking atmospheric carbon, ESA’s Climate Change Initiative is using satellite observations to track other carbon stocks on land and sea.

700 U.S. Towns in Need of Bolstered Evacuation Preparedness

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Get a bird's-eye view of a California community that in 2020 fell victim to the 370,000-acre LNU Lightning Complex Fire.

NASA Explores Earth’s Connections

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NASA explores the connections of Earth systems and its ability to observe them in a changing world, highlighting the links between dust transport, vegetation, water quality, conservation and human health, the cryosphere, and disasters.