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Today’s Top Story is Part 107, the 624-page recently published rule from the Federal Aviation Administration governing the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems, also known as UASs, UAVs or drones.

This is a very big deal, people. Like an $82 billion dollar deal, which is the estimated impact to the U.S. economy in the next 10 years. I’m recommending you visit the FAA Web site for this one, as there are a lot of important details, but here are a few highlights:

The days of having to apply for a Section 333 Exemption are almost over, as Part 107 will become effective in late August 2016. Operator visual line of sight is required; no flying at night or over strangers; and drone operators must be certified via a test, although trainees can fly as long as a certified operator is near and can take over. And if these rules don’t work for you, you can still file for one of those exemptions.

So for all those drone operators waiting for this big news, congratulations.

That was today’s Top Story. I’ll be back with more news after this interview clip of Trimble’s Eric McCuaig at the ILMF 2016 event.

The 37th Esri User Conference was held this week, with 16,000 GIS’ers converging in San Diego. Here are some highlights.

In industry headlines, SmarterBetterCities announced the latest release of CloudCities, its platform for hosting, sharing and visualizing smart 3D city models across supported platforms such as Esri CityEngine, Google Earth and SketchUp.

Trimble introduced its Trimble TDC100 handheld data collector, an entry-level GNSS device that combines smartphone and ruggedized data-collection capabilities in a single, mobile device.

Cadcorp released a new version of Cadcorp SIS Workload Modeller, featuring more-realistic simulation modeling, a new batch-processing capability and more visual aids.

And Esri launched, among other things, two new ArcGIS apps for field-operating efficiency: Drone2Map for ArcGIS, which takes still imagery captured by a drone and turns it into 2D and 3D products, and Survey123 for ArcGIS, which helps users create, share and analyze surveys in three easy steps.

For today’s Final Thought, here’s a really nice video Esri made to open its conference this year, featuring keynote speakers from some of its previous 36 annual events.

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